Take advantage of our Easter Special and get this great bundle of our new WILD THINGS Collection at an introduction price of minus 15%.

1 Olly R199.00 R199.00
4 Tumbler Assorted R75.00 R300.00
4 Mug A Assorted R65.00 R260.00
2 Milk Jug R69.00 R138.00
4 Ltd Snack Bowl Assorted R69.00 R276.00
2 Oval Bowl Small Assorted R59.00 R118.00
2 Oval Bowl Medium Assorted R69.00 R138.00
2 Oblong Bunny Trinket Tray Assorted R99.00 R198.00
4 Oval Trinket Tray Assorted R99.00 R396.00
2 Wild Thing Canister R110.00 R220.00
4 Sauce Bowl Assorted R69.00 R276.00
4 Dipping Bowl Assorted R69.00 R276.00
4 Soup Bowl R75.00 R300.00
2 Wild Thing Planter R65.00 R130.00